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Meeru from the air

Birds eye view

Meerufenfushi (translated as sweet water island)  is fondly known by friends as Meeru and is one of the larger Maldevian islands. Meeru offers a relaxing casual atmosphere in which to relax and soak up the sun in informal surroundings..


Map showing location of  Islands (Atolls)

View approaching Meeru

The island is covered in soft white sand. The floors of the reception and other public areas too are layered with soft sand.

As you approach the island you will be surprised at the lack of any man-made structures visible through the thick vegetation of the shoreline, fringed with tall coconut palms.

Winding walkways lined with palm trees lead you to the reception with its thatched roofing that blends in perfectly with the natural surroundings. This offers you the Maldives, simply at its best. However there is nothing simple about the services that are provided or the facilities available at the resort. All this is provided without pomp and formality.

Meeru has one of the biggest dive schools in the country, and its remote location in Male' Atoll gives it access to many excellent dive sites that are hardly ever visited by any others.

However you do not have to be a diver to enjoy Meeru. There are a variety of other water sports and land sports that you will certainly enjoy.

None of this is important if you wish to take part in the most popular holiday activity here - relaxation. The island is large enough for you to find your own private little hideaway on the beach for the day. Or simply find a perch at the popular poolside and spare yourself the effort.

Flags (each day has a different visitors flag)

Where are all the crowds ?

Beach to the sea

View from Asian Wok

View of arrival jetty

Mill pond

View of sea

Sun rise

Sun set

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